Educational Programs


October 20, 2016

12:00 noon - 2:30 pm

Friendship Terrace
4201 Butterworth Place NW 20016

Ample FREE nearby street parking
Lunch will be served.


We all work with people that are retired, and many face issues now that could have been avoided with better planning. From the moment they begin their careers, many look forward to retirement. They see retirement as a time when they can relax and enjoy their life without thinking about work. As we work with these retirees, we often interact with their adult children who now have a heightened awareness of retirement issues and are still in a position to make better plans for themselves. As senior-serving professionals, we are dedicated to making retirement better for our clients. Here we are presented with an opportunity to do this for future retirees - prospective future clients for us and our colleagues by helping them make decisions today that will make their future retirement easier. For our current clients, understanding how they could have planned better will help us remedy the effects they fell today of unwise past choices. Because there are just so many opportunities to take wrong turns as we navigate toward retirement, we will offer the experience and perspective of a panel of experts, including a Financial Planner, an Elder Law Attorney and an Aging Life Care Manager.


Jeffrey Hammond graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in civil engineering. He received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore. He is licensed to practice law in Maryland and in Washington, DC. Jeff assists his clients in the areas of long-term care planning, Medicaid asset preservation, estate planning, guardianship, trusts and estate administration. He helps clients and their families determine eligibility for benefits to which they are entitled. At the same time, he works with them to implement sound strategies to preserve client assets and resources. Jeff works to protect the quality of life, financial security and independence of individuals and families. He believes in compassionate advocacy for the aging, the disabled and their families.

Zaq Harrison is a serial entrepreneur and a veteran of almost 20 years in financial services. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role as a financial advisor. His diverse background and training enables him to help clients pursue their long-term financial goals through comprehensive, individualized financial planning. Mr. Harrison specializes in legacy planning. He works closely with clients to develop customized financial strategies that incorporate asset allocation, financial management, retirement planning, college planning and succession planning. Helping people, whether itís planning for retirement or college expenses, is truly Mr. Harrisonís passion. 

Christine L. Bitzer, MSW, C-ASWCM is an Aging Life Care Manager and Assistant Director of Seabury Resources for Aging Care Management. Christine obtained her Bachelorís degree from The College of William and Mary. Upon graduation, she completed a year with AmeriCorps in Boston. She worked various health care settings while obtaining a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. Christine has since spent her career in non-profits; working for a home care agency where she partnered with county social workers and senior living buildings to care for lower-income seniors and those with disabilities. As part of her current role, Christine also provides presentations and CEUs in the community. Christine is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and is a licensed clinical social worker in DC, Maryland and Virginia.




To assure that senior serving professionals have the training, network and resources to allow them to serve as counselors to their clients, customers and prospects; committed to advising each on how their needs may best be served and able to direct them to the providers that can best meet those needs.


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