Our Associate Membership offers:

  • Credibility. ...
  • Knowledge Sharing. ...
  • Information Resources. ...
  • Staff Development. ...
  • Marketing Opportunities.

    If you are not a direct provider of care or services to seniors, or if seniors are just a minority of your customer base, an Associate Membership may be for you. Associate members are provided an array of information on the senior services industry At less than half the cost of an Individual Membership, you can join on these terms:

  • Attend all networking lunches in as many regions as you like for FREE. You may even bring a guest - one at a time to as many lunches as you like, just like full Individual members. While Associate Members may not host networking lunches, they may be Door Prize Sponsors.

  • Attend classes at no charge. While Associate Members do not earn CEUs and can not earn the Certified Retirement Expert designation, you are welcome to the great knowledge and information that our classes contain.

  • Participate for FREE in all Annual Ethics Roundtables.

  • Eligibility for Associate Membership is determined solely by what you do professionally. Direct providers of care or services to seniors (such as nursing care, home care, retirement living, reverse mortgages) are not eligible. Applications for Associate Memberships from such direct providers (as determined by the sole discretion of NARC staff) will be treated as 5 month Individual Memberships.

  • Full access to all ancillary Member Benefits programs (such as the various discounts offered to members).

  • Regular e-mail and/or fax notices (your choice) of all NARC activities and informational mailings.

  • Full call-in access during office hours for member directory and referral information

  • Visibility among NARC members. While Associate membership may not be advertised in your marketing materials, it may be included on personal resumes and will make you know to the NARC members in your region.

  • Typically, NARC members who offer discounts to fellow members will include Associate members in this benefit.

  • Many more ongoing benefits.

   To join, just CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PDF MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION which you can send in by mail or fax. The address and fax number appear right on the form.



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To assure that senior serving professionals have the training, network and resources to allow them to serve as counselors to their clients, customers and prospects; committed to advising each on how their needs may best be served and able to direct them to the providers that can best meet those needs.


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